Graffiti Removals

PEAC offers both removal and colour match paint overs to get rid of graffiti on most substrates.
The SEI Graffiti Remover SYS utilizes SEI Migratory Technology that penetrates and chemically fractures the molecular bonds in paints, lacquers, enamels and stains.  The SEI Graffiti Remover SYS migrates, penetrates and chemically splits the molecular bonds of the paint or unwanted marks and creates molecular space between the vandalism and the substrate making the removal quite easy. The SEI Graffiti Remover has no chemical, physical or esthetic affect on the SEI Graffiti Proofer. The formula was designed for maximum consumer safety and therefore does not contain methylene chloride or chlorinated solvents.  Graffiti removal time varies from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the type of paint/coating and number of coatings to be removed.

Graffiti proof Coatings

PEAC proudly uses SEI Chemicals Graffiti proof coating.

GPA-300.The Graffiti Proofer  is a significant technological development and the is the most advanced anti-graffiti technology on the market today by far. It delivers true non-stick and permanent protection. It is also the first time an anti-graffiti coating has been aerosolized.   The GPA-300 is clear, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and non-stick coating.  The Graffiti Proofer does not allow anything to stick to it period, including paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers and adhesives.

The Graffiti Proofer is water-clear, permanent and leading-edge non-stick coating. This product forms mechanical and chemical bonds to inorganic and organic substrates making it universal in its application.  The Graffiti Proofer incorporates a unique nanotechnological polymer that both penetrates the structure and builds a durable non-stick and chemical proof film. This product has been tested in a wide variety of climates and shows no deterioration from ultraviolet rays, ozone, salt spray or acid rain.  The Graffiti Proofer allows for expansion and contraction, building movement, temperature extremes and thermal cycling. 

Graffiti can be removed with a dry cloth, tapes or any alkaline or citrus cleaner.  This is the first anti-graffiti coating that is sprayed out of an aerosol can. This is also the first single component non-stick anti-graffiti coating on the market. 

This product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-reactive, VOC and AQMD compliant.  This product is packaged in aerosol and bulk packaging.

  • Non-stick characteristics
  • Non-sacrificial, non-yellowing and clear
  • Packaged in bulk and aerosol<
  • Allows expansion and contraction
  • Can be applied to horizontal, vertical and wear surfaces
  • Not affected by temperatures between -57.12C (-70F) to +206.08C (+40F)

Exceeded the requirements of ASTM 6578 Graffiti Resistance Test

Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating

GPC-103 Sacrificial Coating. GPC-103 is a unique one component, sacrificial, water-based coating that utilizes a soy carrier that incorporates nano-fumed silica that is grafted to a polyethylene polymer.  Once graffiti is sprayed onto a GPC-103 protected surface a heated water flushing will remove the coating and the graffiti from the structure.  The GPC-103 can be applied onto *damp surfaces for reapplication.  The GPC-103 is the most economical anti-graffiti coating on the market today.  GC-103 was designed for protection against a wide variety of paints, markers, graffiti and other types of vandalism. This product has tremendous UV resistance and left un-removed will perform for 20 years. GPC-103 dries clear and will not change the appearance of the surface. GPC-103 exhibits fast dry properties and recoat times and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. GPC-103 is nondarkening, non-yellowing, non-whitening and nonflammable. GPC-103 also exhibits strong water vapor permeability and water vapor transmission rates. GPC-103 does not have a pot life and eliminates the need for solvents, which reduces Health/Hazard concerns. GPC-103 is VOC and AQM D compliant and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. GPC-103 has excellent adhesion to substrates, along with good hardness, abrasion resistance and flexibility. Graffiti is removed with a hot water washing.

  • 250 square feet @ 2Mil
  • Dry-to-touch: 8 minutes; Dry-to-handle: 13 minutes; Re-coat: 29 minutes, Full Cure 4-5 days
  • Mix thoroughly before use
  • Spray with conventional spray equipment

Acrylic Flat Roof Coatings

AcryLabs is the roofing systems leader in the production of 100% acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid-applied roof systems for the industrial, commercial and construction industries.

Our system is a fluid applied, seamless, fully adhered membrane. This roofing system is self-flashing and adheres to virtually all existing roof surfaces, including EPDM, Asphalt (BUR) and Metal.

AcryLabs Roofing Systems proudly supplies the highest quality material for the roof industry. Our roofing system product line includes the most technologically advanced polymeric roof systems, which have been proven in the harshest environments. AcryLabs coatings and roof systems exhibit exceptional durability and weather ability.


Cool Roofing Technology

While AcryLabs roof systems come in a wide range of colors, white coatings make a direct impact on the internal and external environment of any structure. The reflective surface of our roof systems ensures that excessive heat does not develop on the roof. To the owner, the benefits of “Cool Roofing” are immediate and direct. Cost of air conditioning and dependence on HVAC systems are dramatically decreased. The use of cool roofing technology improves the air quality in our atmosphere while remaining cost effective and in most cases eliminate costly roof tear-offs.

Acrylabs Roofing Systems

Why Choose Acrylabs Roofing Systems?


AcryLabs coatings and fluid applied roof systems provide remarkable flexibility in application and unique solutions to many types of construction and surfaces.

The number of coats and final thickness of the membrane are determined by the condition and type of surface, as well as the performance requirements of the project. The key to a successful application is preparation. Providing a clean, smooth dry surface insures proper adhesion. AcryLabs systems are renewable and can be maintained for an indefinite period of time, making it one of the most cost effective systems available in today’s market. AcryLabs coatings are designed for:



2001-R45 Reinforced Membrane System

AcryLabs offers sustainable roof systems that stand up to the harshest elements and are backed by one of the industries premier warranty programs. These systems benefit the end user as well as the environment. Our field personnel have decades of experience in the construction market and can provide services ranging from site assessment to long term solutions. AcryLabs systems exhibit exceptional durability, weatherability and flexibility, from new construction to historic preservation. AcryLabs is the best choice for your roofing or coating project.

Roof System Warranty

AcryLabs Renewable Warranty Program


As the technology leader of fluid applied acrylic roof systems, AcryLabs Roofing Systems is extremely proud of our “Renewable Warranty Program”. AcryLabs Roofing Systems superior performance enables us to offer one of the roofing system industries premier warranty programs.

AcryLabs 10 and 15 year commercial roof warranties are second to none. These roof warranties are transferable and include material and labor for covered repairs and/or replacement at no cost to the building owner.