Robert and Aleesia McNarland

We believe that building good relationships with our clients is what is most important to us. We do that by being adaptable and providing high quality work in everything we do. We know that we have clients that appreciate the fact we have master and journeyman painters and expect the absolute highest quality workmanship they can find.

However, we are flexible. We will work within your budget while still providing quality painting. There is no job too small. All of our jobs have the same standard: we keep our work site clean, we treat our clients with the utmost respect, and we are not just there to paint, but to help our clients maintain their property, so that they can get back the most from it.

We live by our motto: Pursuing Excellence and Class.

Aleesia is fascinated with the differences in the way people around the world live and believes that everyone's needs and wants are different. Because of this, she draws inspiration from the character of the home and the clients she works with and is very adaptable in her style.

  She specialized herself in colour; one of the most important factors in developing a harmonious space. Aleesia grew up renovating homes with her family while her father ran a construction company. She and her husband have owned PEAC Painting since 2009 and has helped many clients to find that perfect colour. She can come to your home to find inspiration from the way you live and your personal style. Aleesia works hard to bring your needs and ideas to reality, really striving to bring your personality to your home.

How much confidence would you have in a man who started painting at the age of 14 in Germany and painted until he was 76 years of age? It was this man who taught Robert how to paint. Although taught the very traditional and quite often 'out of the box' ways of painting, Robert has taken to many of the modern techniques as well and has a keen interest in getting to know what his suppliers are offering. To Robert, the motto, "Pursuing Excellence and Class" means that he always does his best at whatever work he pursues and he does so always looking out for the best interest of his customers.


PEAC Design
brings the benefits of PEAC Painting's extensive contact with the best of 'tried and tested' trades people in your home. PEAC Design's services include creating custom walls that fit your space and taste and purchasing, arranging any fixtures and furniture that will bring life to your space, and arranging the various trades to get the work done in a timely way with high quality trades people. PEAC Design is unique in its relationship with PEAC Painting; one of those benefits is the ability to design or match colours on site to complement your lighting and space exactly as you picture it!

Whether you want to have a deeply involved role or just a minimally decisive one; either way you'll end up with a space you love.